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Cake Drams Bakery is the Best bakery in Pearland, Texas!

Why? Because at Cake Drams Bakery, baking is our Passion! We enjoy the satisfaction of offering our clients the Best Cakes in Pearland, Texas at competitive prices. We understand that baking is so much more than just mixing batter! To us, baking is an art form that requires attention to detail.

Cake Drams Bakery produces delicious cakes, for every occasion and celebration, from Wedding, Quinceañeras, and Graduations, to family reunions, anniversaries and corporate events, special occasions, and birthday parties!

All our cakes are made with the finest raw materials. That is why Cake Drams Bakery produces the best cakes in the area.

At Cake Drams Bakery we offer not only excellence in our products, but also excellence in our customer service. We answer all your questions and help you select the best cake to fit your needs.

We Love what we do!

Cake Drams Bakery is a well-established bakery, with more have more than 15 years serving Pearland, Texas and surrounding areas. With a strong commitment to service, we provide one of a kind cake experience to our clients.

In addition to our amazing cakes, Cake Dreams Bakery offers other products to enhance your party, such as cookies, cupcakes, decorative fruit and flowers, and sandwiches, among others.

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Develop, produce and market pastry and cakes that people want to buy and have pleasure in a tasting, ensuring excellence in creating value for our customers, shareholders and employees, besides the sustainability of the business.


Being among the leading bakeries in the market and be a reference for excellence in pastry and cakes, besides being one of the best bakeries in Houston generating of satisfaction and pleasure for its customers, shareholders, and employees.

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(281) 997-1434
2540 Broadway St, Pearland, Texas
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