2540 Broadway St, Pearland, Texas
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Cake Dreams Bakery was founded by the brothers Angela and Ricardo in Pearland, Texas. CDB main goal is to offer 100% customized high-quality cakes for any occasion and any size. The perfect party is always completed with a cake of your dreams!

CDB make incredible cakes with unforgettable design and flavor.

It will be an immense pleasure to be a part of a special moment of your life, bringing brilliance and flavor.


Develop, produce and market pastry and cakes that people want to buy and have pleasure in a tasting, ensuring excellence in creating value for our customers, shareholders and employees, besides the sustainability of the business.


Being among the leading bakeries in the market and be a reference for excellence in pastry and cakes, besides being one of the best bakeries in Houston generating of satisfaction and pleasure for its customers, shareholders, and employees.

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(281) 997-1434
2540 Broadway St, Pearland, Texas
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